How do you re-charge Renault ZOE at home?

Discover videos with all your home charging solutions and choose the most appropriate one.

The Wallbox

For a faster charge, the 7 kW Wallbox allows you to charge your Renault ZOE in four hours. When you order your Renault ZOE, we will put you in touch with a Z.E. Ready**certified professional to install this wall box for charging at home or work.

For an even faster charge, opt for the Wallbox 11 kW which provides a complete charge in about two hours. Also, take advantage of the pre-cooling system of Re nault ZOE to allow Renault ZOE to activate A/C automatically when plugged before entering the car.

* Certified Z.E. re-charging box Ready, installed at home by a certified professional (recommended 7.4kW. Can be extended to 11kW or 22kW to reduce charging time at home).

** Z.E. Ready is a trademark registered by Renault relating to the equipment installed for charging electric vehicles in the Z.E. range. To have the right to use the Z.E. Ready brand, Renault partners must commit to respecting a list of technical specifications and the Z.E. Ready qualification process, and to having carried out the compliance tests. The current version is Z.E. Ready 1.2. For more information on the standards, a list of approved partners and the qualification process, please visit

As part of it’s ongoing product improvement policy, Renault reserves the right to modify the specifications, vehicles and accessories described and shown at anytime.